Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Congratulations Ginger Flash

Daily, he kicks my ass in the new media world.

More importantly, in a town drowning in traditional media angst, he proves there's still some ass kicking left to be done in those old streets and byways.

Creative Loafing's Thomas Wheatley's "Sober" has been nominated for The Association of Alternative Weekly's award for feature writing.

I've always believed great writing is driven by a deeply internal engine and Thomas plows that earth like few can.

We're lucky to have him.

Also, photographer Joeff Davis is a finalist for the APC's Journalist of the Year in Photography. Joeff and I once spent a few very interesting hours in an effort to capture an image for a certain "Best of" issue. Of course, it was the picture snapped at the end, almost as an afterthought, where I looked like a child molestor that was chosen. And I thought it was funny as hell.

His images capture the funny, the moving and the just plain strange soul of Atlanta.

We're lucky to have him, too.


Thomas Wheatley said...

Many thanks, Grift. I'm lucky to live in a fun, crazy town where there are a lot of great voices, in a variety of mediums, just trying to make some sense of this place. You're one of them.

griftdrift said...

Well deserved sir.

And it didn't fit the tone of my piece so I didn't include it but everyone should check out one of the funniest pictures ever.

griftdrift said...

Oh...and I'm going to get confirmation on Barnes before you if it kill me.


SpaceyG said...

Precious, just precious. Gawd do I want to pinch his cheek. Say stuff like "Why bless your heart you fine young man!"

I'll stop now...

Anonymous said...

<3 Wheatley