Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ummmmmm Okaaaaaay

Everyone's talking about the crazy lady from Macon who attempted to pass a most important note to President Obama.

Instead of recounting the events, I encourage you to sample her power of the prose.

Moving on.


lazermike said...

After reading this, I'm now considering entering the priesthood.

Anonymous said...

This is best evah - "For the most part they are white males who have sexed themselves out on perverted sex and they are never satisfied." How does one actually "sex themselves out"? Is that continous sex on an hourly basis or in 15 minute intervals?

Tom said...

I feel dumber for having read that tripe. It's nothing more than homophobic BS disguised as religious doctrine inspired philosophy.

Besides, the idea of males who are "never satisfied" sexually is hardly groundbreaking research.