Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here We Go

Florida Governor Charlie Crist's entry in the Sunshine Senate race gives Georgia's grand poobah of pusillanimous insinuation to once again stir the back fence chatter.
Will we go with tanned, telegenic tax hikers with dubious personal issues
Exactly what are these "personal issues", Erick? Is he corrupt? Perhaps, he take kickbacks? Stuffed some ballot boxes? Kills kittens in his spare time?

Step forward and speak plainly, young man.

But that is a vaporous wish of the vain.

If a person puts pure rumor on his website regarding the marital status of candidates, if a person slanders a sitting Supreme Court Justice as a buggerer of boys - why would we ever expect that person to speak plainly?


Sara said...

Maybe he meant Charlie Crist's ill-advised dating decision back in the 80's...when he went out with Katharine Harris.

Cameron said...

It probably is a reference to the much talked up notion that Charlie Crist is in fact gay. Though skirting the issue is obviously something Erickson is attempting to do.

griftdrift said...


Erick also leaves out that Tom Gallagher tried the very same tactic in 2008 and got his ass whupped six ways to sunday.

Rusty said...

Nobody gives a fuck that Charlie Crist is gay except for the closeted gay wing of the Republican Party.

Jen said...

Leave it to Rusty to speak plainly.

Juliana said...

yeah, what did I say a couple days ago.. they can't wait to drop "teh gay" turds in the FLA GOP punch bowl.

I'm not saying that some lefty bloggers haven't been just as bad..

Oh and why don't they make as much fun of Boehners spray on tan? Everyone else did on saturday night...

chamblee54 said...

"Nobody gives a fuck that Charlie Crist is gay"
Maybe nobody cares would be more appropriate. Just because you have the "right" to use the F word does not mean it is always the proper choice. Also, as highly as most adults prize intercourse, to say that one would not "give a fuck" does not say very much.

Rusty said...


I agree with you wholeheartedly that there is a difference between whether someone can do something and whether they should do something.

However, I stand by my choice. I use the phrase "don't give a fuck" sparingly. When used sparingly, it has the intended effect, which is to illicit a more visceral reaction than is possible when just saying "don't care."

I also reject your narrow definition of fuck, which is a very versatile word.

Sara said...

Can we meet in the middle and say nobody gives a shit?