Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Georgia Gang Howler Of The Week

Hell, it should be the whopper of the week this time. Who else? Phil Kent claiming he opposed the PATRIOT Act.
You forget what a lot of us conservatives have said. We actually agreed with you
that freedoms were being eroded under George Bush.
Somebody pull the tape! I'm willing to bet a large sum that somewhere there's footage of Phil Kent defending warrantless wiretapping.

CORRECTION: A small slice of crow. Phil Kent said in 2003:
"We must balance at all times the fact that national security is important, but freedom is essential," said Phil Kent, president of the conservative Southeastern Legal Foundation, which has taken issue with expanded federal surveillance powers granted under the law.
I still find it difficult to believe that in the subsequent years on the Georgia Gang that there weren't occasions where Phil talked about "tools to fight terrorism" or the other nonsense that was bandied about, but lacking evidence of those utterances, I have to say Phil was right. I was wrong.


Dave Bearse said...

Obama's done so little about the Patriot Act thus far in his long (in conservative's such as Phil Kent's view) term of office that Obama must support the Patriot Act. As a matter of principle then conservatives must oppose it.

It's a safe course given the selective memory of Phil's base.

Axe Victim said...

Come and enjoy the web rock radio show on my blog dude? All welcome. Hope to see you there!