Thursday, August 18, 2011

Apparently On The Verge of Segregation

A quick quiz. Which of the following does not fit the definition of segregation.
  1. Due to your race, you can't use a certain rest room
  2. Due to your race, you can't eat at certain restaurants
  3. Due to your race, you can't attend a certain school
  4. You "only get" 49 out of 180 districts which favor your election
If you answered number 4, Democratic House Leader Stacy Abrams would beg to differ. In press releases now filling in-boxes, the Democrats are pleading with people to help "Stop the re-segregation of Georgia and protect the Voting Rights Act. Vote NO on the GOP's redistricting maps".

The Democratic caucus' size is at a historic ebb. To expect there would be no consequences when re-apportionment time rolled around is foolish. To complain about the unfairness of it all is just politics. To compare what has been a fairly transparent process where admittedly you lose power but still have seats at the table to being shut out of society based on nothing more than the color of your skin is ludicrous, factually inaccurate and frankly, an insult to history.

There are plenty of arguments to be made. Comparing a process where you were destined to lose to the era of police dogs and fire hoses is not one of them.

And do beware of unintended consequences. Keep up the inflamed racial rhetoric and that story which alleges a white Democrat demanded to be placed in a neighboring district so he would face a white opponent instead of the other neighboring majority minority district against an African American opponent just might grow legs.


MTHEORY said...

Grow legs? He admitted in an op-ed in AJC:

griftdrift said...

I believe in the bidness that's called "gettin ahead of the story"

Bucky Plyler said...

Spot on Mr. Grift !