Thursday, August 04, 2011

Follow The Money

Follow the money has been the mantra of investigative journalism since Deep Throat's words first echoed in a dark D.C. parking garage.

Atlanta Magazine's Doug Monroe assembles some of the trail markers of the corporate moves behind testing in our schools. Even if you believe No Child Left Behind's intent was noble, it would be difficult to dispute its creation led to an explosion of money in the testing industry.

Although I find Doug's initial pass at this beast interesting and I hope he teases it out, I'm really looking forward to his next piece on charter schools.

Most folks don't know that Doug an I frequently disagree. I'm too conservative for his taste. But those disagreements are usually in the nuances and even if we joust on the core, it's with the understanding that each side has a valid perspective.

I have a feeling on this one we're going to be at complete loggerheads. Maybe I'm wrong. Should be interesting.

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