Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Couple Of Random Thoughts

Lots of hootin' and hollerin' about last night's special election in New York.

Can you ever remember such intense interest in what amounts to local races? Is it a product of more information available due to the internet, more people involved at the grassroots level or, as some make it, bell weathers to a larger change? No doubt it will play as the latter. My warning to the crowers, the hardest fall is after the overreach.

If it is a bell weather, as Jay Bookman notes this morning, we face the possibility in 2012 of the Republicans controlling every facet of government. In 2010, I heard a lot of people justify the Republican takeover of the House (including electing some certifiable loons) as a good thing because divided government is a good thing. So, will people who used this rationalization vote Democrat in 2012?

Closer to home, I'll tease a bit. Radio Host Martha Zoeller has announced a bid for Congress. Not too long ago, she and I had a fascinating exchange on Twitter. It involved the word sacrifice. More on that later.

Finally, perhaps if this grows into more than a tempest in teapot, I will comment. I'm fortunate to not have certain shackles. But for now, I stand in solidarity with no comment.


Jen B. said...

Re: Sarah Palin
She's not running for President. Why does anyone give her air/blogtime anymore?

buzzbrockway said...

Re: New York

The result probably shows folks, even Democrats, are unhappy with Obama. However, it's a long way until the election and, as you say, it's dangerous to translate one Congressional race into a national trend.

hmm said...

its bellwether.

griftdrift said...

Deep, man. Deep.

Michael Scott said...

That's what she said!