Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Afternoon Kyle

Blow, Gabriel, Blow. Kyle Wingfield defends his brothers and sisters in the profession against the myth that they are intentionally influencing campaign outcomes.
The media aren’t trying to puff up Cain now any more than we were trying to hold him down before. The public responded to Herman Cain, and the media are responding to the public. If he falters, the cycle will work the same way. And likewise if he continues to gain momentum.
And it is exactly the formula of public responds then media responds that is frequently distorted and reversed by some of Kyle's friends in order to continue the "liberal media" myth.

Kyle's honest defense is something we never saw from the previous proprietor.


rptrcub said...

I wish that on my last day as a newspaper reporter, I could have just written a big "fuck all of you" in large type.

Dave Bearse said...

Good to know the Wingfield thinks 3,500 Floridians paying $175 to attend an event constitutes the public.