Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Stupidest Thing I've Read All Day

I occasionally read an Occupy Wall Street story, think, "I used to be stupid and 22", then go back to the important things in life.

But when the Ginger Flash at Creative Loafiing reports that we're getting our own local chapter, "Occupy Atlanta", my curiosity is piqued!

Where will these idealistic, young torch bearers of civil disobedience gather?

Centennial Olympic Park? Convenient for shouting at the Chamber of Commerce!

Atlanta Finanical Center? Atlanta's own Wall Street!

The Gold Dome? The nexus of corporatist corruption!

Phipps Plaza? Sneer at the bourgeoisie!

Brownwood Park. Huh?

If you are not familiar with that hotbed of radicalism, it's the public park near Moreland and Glenwood. Smack in the middle of that notorious snake pit of corporate interest known as East Atlanta.

Maybe they chose their location due to the proximity of neighborhood watering holes. After all, what better way to quench your chant parched thirst than downing a Proletariat Beer Refreshment.

UPDATE: Some have questioned if I'm missing the point that this may be some sort of organizing hootenanny as opposed to an actual protest. I get it. I hope they get that it doesn't dull the point that they've made an open call via social media to have God knows how many people just show up in a public park in the middle of a neighborhood.

But I'll let your judge for yourself. Here's the guide to "People Assemblies" . Make sure you learn that people don't speak, they have "oral interventions:.

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