Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quote For The Day

This one hits a little close to home.
The Republican Party of Reagan who defended gay rights in the 1970s, of Bush 41 and even parts of Bush 43 is now emphatically and increasingly a party of the fanatical Christianist right, based in the South, and dedicated not to conservative politics but to dogma, theological and political.
At first glance, it may seem overwrought, but is it? Too often these days, conservatism is not a philosophy, it's not even an ideology; it's a checklist. And in a Republican dominated state like Georgia, it is easy to be convinced it is the one true way. Fortunately, there are those who see beyond the bounds of current dogma and insist on saving the philosophy if not the ideology before it rots from the innards.

Of course, those few are usually called RINOs, if not outright liberals.


Dave Bearse said...

There's no bypassing the head of an organization. RNC Chairman Micheal Steele found out shortly after taking office that the RNS Chairmanhe wasn't the party's chief, Rush was, and that Rush isn't to be dissed.

Dave Bearse said...

Ouch! Aside from the typo, "RNC Chairman wasn't", my comment above was intended for the preceding Feb 20 "Quote of the Day" post.