Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quote Of The Day

From the bearded one; on the hesitancy by the majority of the GOP establishment to call out Rush Limbaugh:
He is their Sistah Soldja. And the GOP awaits its Bill Clinton.
I listened to El Rushbo the other day. A schedule change around lunch time and his move to the premier radio station in my town led to this unholy convergence. I snickered mostly. He still peddles the same brand he did in 1996 when Bill Clinton was the devil and America was being "held hostage".

Now it's all about "the regime".

But no matter how absurd he becomes, no matter how stagnant his audience becomes, he remains a whistle stop on the tracks of the GOP express. It wouldn't take too many people bypassing him to make him a ghost town.

But as the linked article implies, who will be first?

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