Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Cult Of Orignalism

From my piece in Creative Loafing,
The 17th Amendment was debated for the country's first 100 years. And it has worked for the past century. But the current claimants to the priesthood of conservatism choose to ignore all history between the then and the now. In their world, only that which was written in the beginning can define today. Genesis defines the course, Revelation the destination, and all between is vague parable and psalm.
I hope that those on the Republican side of the fence will see the criticism as constructive. Honoring the past is one thing; obsessing about it is another. One way preserves the conservatism envisioned by Burke and others. Down the other lies the Whigs, Copperheads, etc.

P.S. I always knew I needed a real editor and I was fortunate my first official one was a good one. Thanks TW.

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