Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bum Rush The Castle!

Perhaps it was PodCamp. Perhaps it's the imminent doom of my radio station. Whatever the source of my animus, I feel the need to give a big eff you to the powers that be. To make one small primal scream in the cacophony of idiocy.

Want to join me? Using iTunes download "Mine Again" by Black Lab. Bloggers across the 'verse are using the song to demonstrate the collective power of the people still matters.

It's 99 cents and a few seconds for some decent music and the satisfied feeling of giving the finger to the man.


Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

The Man is busy today picking-up their news off our street. Who's the "redolant remora fish" now? Word.

Anonymous said...

So much for that plan. :-\