Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Crossover Day

It's crossover day! This is the last day for a bill to be passed by one of the houses of the Georgia General Assembly. If a bill does not pass today it is dead, dead, dead. And despite the fact that some think debate should be limited to save time, there is currently a guy singing a song from the speakers chair.

I'm not going to live blog the whole day but if something weird or funny happens, I'll update.

UPDATE: Peachcare being debated in the house at the moment. This is one of the big 'uns. It's also one of the things that gets me in trouble with Democrats. I have to give it to DuBose Porter though. He made a very passionate speech.

UPDATE II: I honestly missed who rose to speak against the Peachcare threshold but he stated that removing dental and vision could result in the death of children. Okay, I know about the case in Maryland where a child died of infection, a fairly aberrant case, but vision? Will we now get examples of children with blurry vision running aimlessly onto I-75? Just when you think the passions of this argument cannot be ratcheted up any further.

UPDATE III: "I don't have any cutesy jokes or stories to tell". God, Glenn Richardson is an ass. Now he is tying it to the Nancy Pelosi. Does this man have any political tact? And people seriously think he has a chance at the Governor's office? What a joke.

UPDATE IV: House Bill 340 passed. This lowers the threshold for Peachcare qualification to 200% of the federal poverty bill. It now goes to the Senate. I need lunch!

UPDATE V: The Ambassador from Germany is on the floor of the Senate. Weird.

UPDATE VI: Casey Cagle, "It's gonna be a late night so call your wives". Why do Republicans have such a hard time remembering there are also women senators?

UPDATE VII: Freshman Senator Bill Cowsert is being filleted over his SB 234. Suddenly, the Senate has a hazing feel. Will they bring out the paddles and will Senator Cowsert inquire, "Thank you sir may I have another?" Actually Cowsert is being a pretty good sport but the whole thing is a pretty bizarre.

UPDATE VIII: Some parlimentary weirdness is happening in the Senate and a Democrat is speaking harsh words given the Senate's usual decorum. I admit I honestly don't know what the hell is going on. And now another Democrat seems to be calling out the previous Democrat. This is getting fun! And I still don't know what the hell is going on...Oh, I see. It's an arcane move to bring Senate Bill 200 back off the table for a vote. Things are getting rather heated as some Democrats are seeing this as an underhanded move undercutting a deal to further study the bill...A Senator that I didn't catch his district, 'There's a red button and there's a green button but some are voting yellow".

UPDATE IX: Now David Adelman (D-42) is trying to revive his township bill from off the table. Methinks they should all get to the dinner table as it appears their brains have hit idle from hypoglycemia.

UPDATE X: Poker calls. Which is unfortunate because I really wanted to be around for the debates on SB43 and SB66. Then again, given the pace of the day, I might be back before they get to them. In the meantime, follow the action at Georgia Legislative Watch.


tribalecho said...

Dear Grift. You sound like you're going nuts.

And I don't blame you. It's a nutsy sorta time.

Thanks for trying to keep us all up to speed.

And may I mention, I am so pissed at the Democrats that I could spit?

I've never spit before but I'm seriously thinking about it.


griftdrift said...

Correction on one of my updates. It was SR309 that caused the ruckus in the Senate, not SB200.

Now off to bed where I will wonder if I have any DPG friends left tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Good job of coverage there, thanks. I agree that Glen Richardson is an ass. Isnt he the Father of the "Hawks" from last year?