Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Poker Report

Buyin: $500. Entrants: 535. griftdrift finish: Somewhere around 175.

After six hours of pretty intense poker I am too tired to write much more. I will say I don't think I had my A game today. Towards the end I built up a big enough chip stack to probably go much deeper but I got sloppy on a couple of hands and it cost me.

Final hand. I got into a confrontation with the big stack. After a couple of pre-flop bets, we both go all in. I flip over my Q-Q. He flips over A-A. I didn't improve and was out.

It was worth it but I wish I had played better. No more poker. I'm burned out for the moment. I'm hauling ass back to D.C. in the morning. They are expecting snowfall up here in the evening and my south Georgia butt is getting the hell out of dodge.


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I'm jealous. Congrats on getting to 175!