Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Headline That Caught My Attention

A headline at Georgia Political Digest caught my attention this morning.

If that isn't in my wheelhouse I don't know what is.

Dwain Walden of The Moultrie Observer is one of the great unrecognized writers in Georgia. He should get more attention and it's about time I gave him a little credit.

The next session of the General Assembly may well see the eye of the storm called “water wars.” At least that was an indication at a legislative breakfast in Moultrie Wednesday.
If you read the rest of the article, you will witness much wailing and gnashing of teeth by many South Georgia legislators, including Sen. Jim Bulloch of Ochlocknee. Of course, Senator Jim and the rest barely muttered a peep when Sen. Tommie Williams of Lyons struck Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Sally Bethea from the DNR board.

Enviromentalist wackos. Anti-capitalist socialists. Yeah, it's fun to sling mud.

Until there's no water left to run the pivot in Coolidge because certain jackasses do not have the vision to see beyond their two year terms to understand when Atlanta runs out of water because the 'Hooch is filled with crap, Alabama and Florida are suing our asses over water rights and the last damned developer in the state can no longer find a runoff ditch that big brother to the north with millions of people might come calling.

Let me hit a few of you right in the face with the clue frying pan. Instead of whining about how metro Atlanta has all the votes, how about South Georgia showing a little common sense and leadership.