Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Will Hinton Interviews Mike Jacobs

You can download it here.
"I will respond to direct questions with direct answers".

Hey Mike. Nothing against Will, but I am neither a friend nor a constituent, but I'm pretty sure I would give you a fair shake. So how about it? There are still questions unanswered and I've got a list. You game?


decaturguy said...

I suppose Will will ask some tough questions at some points instead of such softballs like "So your motives for switching were really because it was the best thing for your district, right?"

Chris said...

Hey I've got a great question for Mike: Name one position that you believe the Democratic caucus was rigid on AND that your constituents feel the other way about?

OK so maybe special needs vouchers is potentially debatable, but that bill has so many loopholes and is so poorly written and is also just a stalking horse for regular needs vouchers, etc.

How about name two. And no, not what Vernon Jones did or what John Eaves did. What is it that the Democrats are for or against down at the legislature that is driving such a wedge between your constituents and the party?

Unfortunately Will just nods along as Mike gives his spin, doesn't even make him justify it. And Will's whole non-partisan thing is kind of out the door now with all of his "i've got great news mike jacobs is a republican now!" stuff.

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