Monday, June 11, 2007

Sex, Lies and Videotape

They are at it again.

Of all the controversy embroiling the Genarlow Wilson conviction, the one undeniable fact is without the videotape there would have never been a case. The young party-goers videotaped their indiscretions and it is on this tape Genarlow Wilson is found receiving oral sex from a 15 year old girl.

The only time the public has been given any indication of the contents of the tape was during a screening for CNN in the Douglas County District Attorney's office. However, Senator Eric Johnson has admitted on the Neal Boortz show that he has seen the tape. It was this viewing of the tape that sent Sen. Johnson on his falsehood littered tirade on the floor of the General Assembly.

Since that time, I have heard about a half a dozen different versions of "if you saw the tape you would think differently".

Today's reduction of Wilson's sentence by a Monroe County Judge has caused Rep. Steve Davis to use the comments section of Jason Pye's blog to revive the old yarn.

What the story does not say is that both girls were drugged and the 17 old was unconscious. I can not believe that all of you are being fooled into believing this is an innocent little prom date that went a little to far.
Instead of going over step by step once again on how everything being said is false, I want to ask a different question.

Just how many of you out there have seen this tape? I want a show of hands of the people who have watched a tape of teens having sex. Which leads to a second question. Just how does a teen sex tape so quickly fly through a particular political segment like some kind of underground porn?

I'm very curious. I'm sure I'm not the only one. So why don't some of you brave souls who want to continue to make the "you've got to see the tape argument" step forward and answer?

UPDATE: And Senator Johnson steps back into the fray. He actually has the gall to act like Republican action over the last year has somehow been heroic.

This has turned into one of those skin crawling moments I mentioned once.


Pokerista said...

I wonder if the DA gave private showings of the tape to key lawmakers in order to lobby them not to reduce Wilson's sentence. Hardly ethical, but not terribly surprising.

Pokerista said...

I love how Johnson is talking about how sad he is for Genarlow when he was painting him as a gangbanging cold blooded rapist when the issue was still in the legislature.

Brian said...

I think we have to see the tape. I can only believe that a jury convicted this kid and a judge sentenced him based on emotional reactions to what they saw on a TV screen. I'm an African-American male and I think 10-years is harsh for teenage sex, but I think that there is something visually unsatisfying about what happened in that room that night.

I think that there are images which posed questions in the minds of many such as "What if that were my daughter?" and questions such as "Why is he grinning and scowling and holding her down like that?"

I think that there is something inherently wrong on that tape that has made every man in favor of Genearlow's punishment turn a blind eye to reason and justice. I�m sure Thurbert Baker saw his daughters on that tape and threw logic into the wind.

I was a stupid teenager, hell I�m a stupid adult. But I would like to think that I would have had the common sense during a graduation night orgy, to turn the camcorder off, or at least not smile for it like I was Long Dong Diggler.

I think the viewing of the tape is an important part to this debate.

griftdrift said...

The problem with that argument, Brian, is it doesn't jibe with the juries actions. If you read the trial transcripts and listen to the post trial interviews, it's fairly obvious the jury was absolutely sure on the acquittal of rape but fairly tortured on what to do with the aggravated child molestation charge. In the end they felt cornered by the law and had no choice but to convict.

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