Friday, December 14, 2007

Maggie Martinez On Discipline and God

Forsyth County Democratic Debate - "We've taken discipline out of the classrooms."

For a candidate in a federal election to emphasize such a local nuts and bolts issue seemed odd. But perhaps not so unusual considering relative unknown Maggie Martinez is an educator. Perhaps it made a certain strange populist sense.

Throughout the debate, Martinez clutched to her experience in education while explaining her stances on ethics, charity and religion.

Many may not have been prepared for her answer to a question regarding the Democratic Party's perceived loss of Christians.

Ms. Martinez related a story about the mandatory moment of silence at the beginning of the school day. She explained she always crosses herself before using the time to pray. When confronted by a student she explained her actions. She said she felt it was imperative "to teach children God is important".

She later emphasized her commitment by relating how she got in some hot water by posting a nativity display containing Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus on her classroom bulletin board.

In a day and age where the religious beliefs of politicians draw intense curiousity, one thing is certain - candidate Martinez' position on the divine will never be in question.


James said...

This woman was completely nuts last night. I'm not sure if anyone in the room took her seriously especially after she referred to Co2 as CEOs. Her religion answer was rambling and incoherent. Really annoying as a candidate.

Anonymous said...

She is intelligent, experienced and with substanced. She is a former P.R. state representative and down-to-earth. She will be a great U.S. Senator for the state of Georgia, and she believed in equal rights for everyone.
Bethzaida Rodriguez

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