Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Morning Wooten

Compensation, compensation, compensation:
The Board of Directors did not vote on his pay or the additional $1.6 million payment, which were decided by a compensation committee. The executive, Mark O’Connell, was paid $250,000 in 1999, compensation that rose to $446,729 this year...The revelation will most assuredly affect the willingness of individuals to contribute through United Way. It’s a bit difficult for workers making $30,000 per year to pay a middleman sums they’d consider outrageous for processing their financial gifts to the needy.

So, Jim, any who criticize the obscene compensation packages of failed CEOs are hippie-communist-Americahaters who do not want Americans to succeed but if one criticizes the compensation of the CEO of one of the nation's largest charities, compensation roughly equivalent to the salary of your average lawyer, you are looking out for the hard earned cash of the little guy?

Just one question. Do you enjoy being hypocritical or do you just hate charity?

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Anonymous said...

The average lawyer makes $446,000? Awesome!