Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Media Bias

As I continue my virtual stumble around the country I continue to trip over the most fascinating discoveries.

Any regular reader knows that I frequently comment on the media and usually my tactics resemble a poo-flinging monkey.

Well, I've found one of the best non-poo-flinging pieces about the media ever. It comes from Anthony Palmer, teacher and journalism student, in South Carolina.

Media Bias: Part I
Media Bias: Part II

It's long but worth it. Read both parts. NOW.


Rusty said...

It's all worth a read, but I thought this was a particularly interesting insight:

By definition, "conservative" means "does not change" or "changes slowly." This definition alone pits conservatism at odds with the media, which focus almost exclusively on change. A lack of change would sound the death knell for newspapers, internet sites, and television stations everywhere.

That's one narrow definition of the conservative-liberal dichotomy, but I think the point about a potential cause for conservative disdain for the media still holds.

Change can be scary for a lot of people. More people than not, I'd say.

Even in mine and Amber's little podcast, I noticed a long time ago that I like to focus on what's changed for people over time and how they adapt to it.

I guess that makes me a flaming liberal by at least one definition. And a bedrock conservative when college football season rolls around.

BTW, I had the phrase bedrock conservative.

Rusty said...

had = hate

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