Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Grady Headscratcher

Last week, when a Senate resolution banning those with conflicts of interest from the Grady board was introduced, a lot of people wondered how the hell it didn't already exist.

Well, we've got a new one.

Apparently, Grady Hospital does not require or even provide incentives for its own employees to use the health system as a provider.

You might want to read that last sentence again.

However, reliable sources tell the Drift that legislation will come this week to address this problem. The more you peel this onion, the more headscratchers you find.

UPDATE: Just saw Sen. David Shafer on "Lawmakers" introducing the bill. Sen. Shafer promises a link to the text once it's available.

UPDATE II: You can read the text of the resolution here.


Anonymous said...

I read the sentence twice. One should hope they do not REQUIRE employees to use Grady (no matter how good or bad the care is).

South Fulton Guy said...

Why not? That's where we're all headed with "Universal Health Care".

Everyone will have healthcare, but it won't be worth a flip like in Canada and England.

Open+Transparent said...

Here's a question no one has asked: How in the heck does elected official Pam Stephenson have time to run Grady, even temporarily, if she's in session at the Gold Dome for six weeks? The legislative session in Georgia is short and intense. How in the heck does she have time to be at the Gold Dome all day and then run Grady for a few hours at night?

Pam, your ego is massive and hubris out of control to think you can do both.

And Otis Story had a four year contract. How much did it cost to buy him out??

Anonymous said...

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