Friday, January 18, 2008

My Morning Wooten

I've been lazy the last few days. I'll be honest, I'm still not feeling the mojo. But there is one item this morning which I can't let pass.
State Rep. Mike Jacobs (R-Atlanta) would allow communities to hold referendums and become limited-authority townships. They wouldn’t have power to condemn property, but could control construction, land use and liquor and contract for services. It’s a concept that should have been embraced long ago. Communities need to be able to control their own space. And residents should be able to get a real person — real and responsive — on the telephone. Atlanta is too big for individuals to matter.
Damn right it should have been embraced a long time ago. Like maybe last year when Democrat David Adelman's township bill was squashed by a Republican controlled Senate.

Funny how now that it is pushed by newly minted Republican Mike Jacobs it's the idea of the century.

Do you really have to wonder why occasionally I just get sick and tired of this crap?

CORRECTION: A senate insider emailed to remind me that Adelman's bill did pass the Senate 41-10 with most of the nays being Democrats. The bill actually died in the house. Also Adelman was part of Lt. Gov. Cagle's reach across the aisle plan and even though he is in the minority was given a committee chair.

God help Hazinski's probably going to use this in a future lecture.



Open+Transparent said...

I think Adelman is such a decent guy he doesn't mind Jacobs getting credit for it as long as the idea itself gets the attention and hopefully passes. Plus, Adelman the State Senator works pretty well with Jacobs the State Rep, and is probably shaping some of this behind the scenes.

Adeleman is sharp as it gets...just wish he stuck his neck out there once in a while. He side steps anything even a little controversial. If he wants to run for something statewide, he has to make an occassional stand. But when all is said and done, I think the blog community can remind everyone Adelman was THE guy to bring townships to GA.

possum said...

Trackboy1: Why would a Democrat run for statewide office anymore? There is no Democratic Party in Georgia. Cathy Cox and Mark Taylor finished it off. But it was a rotting corpse even before that catastrophe. I can't wait until Dubose sets the world on fire with his campaign for governor! Hardy har har! Say, is Dale Cardwell still on that tower? What a bunch of clowns.