Monday, January 21, 2008

Georgia Politics Podcast Episode 15

New Georgia Politics Podcast is up.

Joe, Catherine, JosephG and me, grift to the d, poke fun at candidate Dale Cardwell, how Georgia is back in play for the Presidential primaries and the craziness known as Sembler.


Amber Rhea said...

Guess this means my most recent email was unnecessary. ;)

And, damn, are you some kind of poet now, "grift to the d?"

Open+Transparent said...

Speaking of crazy... America's Most Lucrative Neighborhoods

Atlanta, Ga.: Memorial Drive And Boulevard Southeast
2006 Median Home Sale Price: $207,100
Price Growth Since 1990: 430%

Sara said...

Amber, he's hopped up on cold meds. Cut the poor guy a break.

Anonymous said...

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