Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Hazinski Wars

The dust up is far from over.

While most of us were on vacation, Athens Banner Herald Editorial Page Editor Jim Thompson wrote a wonderful response to Hazinski's fear screed.
In the end, then, whatever the media platform, what it means to be a journalist today is what it always has meant...It's not a matter of training...It's a matter of trust.
Can we all give a hearty Amen?

Read the whole thing. Thompson gets it. I mean he really gets it. I tend to vacillate between believing old media (particularly print for some reason) is the devil to sympathetically thinking it's a wayward soul needing guidance back to the path of righteousness.

Hazinski makes me smell sulfur. Thompson makes me search for the light.

And the beat goes on. Hazinski has submitted a response to Thompson's piece which will be printed in the ABH sometime over the next few days. Can't wait.

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