Monday, August 11, 2008

My Morning Wooten - Monday Addition

A few days late and just a few plums to pick.
A high school in Gonzales, Texas, requires inappropriately dressed students to don navy blue coveralls — prison jumpsuits of a sort. Some parents object. What’s wrong with public education? These three things, among others: 1) parents who object to efforts to maintain discipline; 2) students who disregard simple instructions; 3) parents who don’t parent before the child hits school.
No swipe at unions? Shocking.
When Gwinnett’s minorities become the majority — minorities had reached 48.3 percent a year ago — can the world stop ascribing all the convenient “suburban” stereotypes to the place, specifically related to MARTA blah blah blah surburban whine blah blah blah.
No, not everyone is the same. But apparently Jim missed the comments on his own website where alledged citizens of Gwinnett moaned about MARTA bringing crime to their fair county (by the way, it's already there) and not wanting to pay taxes for other people's transportation (how many lanes does I-85 have at Pleasant Hill Rd?) - the same arguments I heard ten years ago when I was employed in Lawrenceville. Maybe if you surbanites would expend some energy changing troglodyte attitudes instead of wasting away with the whines, we intown folks might ease up on the judging.
Sure as shootin’ when state revenues dip, the casino-gambling/ horse-racing crowd emerges to push their agenda. The president of the Georgia-South Carolina Horse Racing Committee wants you to know he is very distressed about education funding in Georgia and the tax burden on old folks. Just guessing, but might he have a solution to propose? Coincidentally, yes. But no thanks. We’ll get by without giving poor people even more ways to lose the butter and egg money
Conservatives: We're against the nanny state - except when we're not.
See, these folks being held at Guantanamo are enemy combatants captured on the battlefield. They didn’t shop-lift at Wal-Mart.
Except we don't really know that do we? Since the government stubbornly refuses to reveal any evidence in these matters (only recently being dragged kicking and screaming to even present evidence to the accused), the only reason we have to believe these people were actually captured on a battlefield is because the government says so.

Conservatives: We don't trust the government - except when we do.



Amber Rhea said...

This is one of the best editions yet! Wooten MAKES. NO. SENSE.

Wes said...

Anyone who can crack on a conservative op-ed columnist (in my time in Cincinnati, both I and my best man, a fellow blogger, used to go berserker on Peter Bronson of the Cincinnati Enquirer) is OK in my book.

With your permission, I've added you to my blogroll. My wife and I just moved to Georgia (Hapeville, to be exact), and I'm teaching music at Clayton State.


rptrcub said...

I am ever more convinced that the man is getting senile, which probably means he'll be a good running mate for McCain.