Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 21

A daily recap of the Georgia Public Broadcasting show "Lawmakers". The show airs weekdays at 7:00pm with a replay at 5:30am the following weekday.

Day 21

* A little birdie told me one committee meeting today nearly erupted into fisticuffs. I hope it made Lawmakers!

* Indigent defense is up first. Sen. Preston Smith is getting a lot of play this session but that's probably because he chairs Judiciary and that's where the fun happens. This is the restructuring of the public defender advisory council. Sen. Seth Harp rose in support of the bill and lays the wood. He actually calls the board the most "irresponsible group of people" he's ever seen and a "bane on the existence of the people of Georgia". Tell us how you really feel, Seth. It passed 32-21 which is pretty close to a party line vote.

* The big three on the Republican side got together to roll out Gov. Perdue's plan to fundamentally change transportation in this state. Georgia Legislative Watch has a good summary and Travis Fain shares my lament of the new, tame Glenn Richardson.

* Live shot. Mics appear to be fine.

* We get a traffic shot but it's not the connector! Let's see, we've got a five lane surface street with a suicide lane - I'm going to guess Memorial Drive.

* The Guv says there are good people in Transportation but the process is broken.

* Shot of the Yellow Monster, otherwise known as the 17th St. Bridge.

* The Democrats are still using points of personal privilege to talk about the Milledgeville veterans home. I think I remember someone saying they were going to hammer this issue hard - oh yeah, that someone was me. But this time the Republicans respond and it's John Douglas! Get ready for the crazy! Well, he wasn't that crazy - maybe he's on the same medication as the Speaker? But he did say we shouldn't make this a partisan issue. Hmmm, I think I'll bookmark this to reference the next time some Republican starts caterwauling about Democrats not supporting the troops.

* The bill to allow the removal of school board members is slowly but surely making its way through the system. Too late for those poor young 'uns in Clayton County.

* The first of the Tort Reform bills got a public hearing today. I can detect Wilson's ears perking up. But this is a hearing which means....LOBBYISTS! I hope we see Buck Rogers.

* Andy Childers is there for the GTLA. BOO! We want Buck!

* A house bill to allow easier transfers within a school district. Wait! This is sponsored by a Democrat? I thought school choice was a Republican thing. Rep. Alisha Morgan seems awfully young. Did anyone check her I.D.? Rep. Morgan clears up the choice issue. She's agin the vouchers

* Rep. David Lucas wants to bring back sales tax on food. Seriously Democrats. Seriously. Sometimes y'all just can't seem to help walking smack into the cliche.

* More points of personal privilege. Politicians do love to hear themselves speak.

* Lord God, it's more about peanuts. Oh my good gracious, they actually sent somebody down to poor little Blakely. Requisite shot of pine tree to let us know we're in south Georgia. Good lord, the building was so ramshackle, birds regularly flew through the holes in the walls.

* Sunday Sales! YEEHAW! I heard the Christian Coalition bussed in young 'uns to tell us about the evil of the spirits. Not surprisingly, the hearing room is packed to the gills. And here's the Georgia Baptist Convention dude. And here's a manager from Kroger. Yep, it's just that damned odd.

* Online poll time! Most people want to cap property tax assessments. Shocking.

* End of the week and that means our favorite pundit, Tom Crawford! We've already used about $1 billion on funding Medicaid and the homeowner tax relief grant. Everything else is stuff we've already covered.

* Expansion of person's required to report sexual exploitation of children flew through committee. The Georgia Catholic Conference supports the bill. Nope. Not going there.

* Children's Policy Watch (probably a candied up name for lobbyists) day at the Capitol. Not much to say here but it is another opportunity to note yet another sporty tie on Alan Freedman.

* We just got two quick reports of "advocacy groups" (one wearing green hats screaming "no more coal") doing the usual dog and pony show outside the Capitol. Can anyone say filler? I knew you could.

* No video of near violence in committee meetings. I may have to follow that one up myself. Until next Tuesday, that's a wrap.

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