Friday, February 27, 2009

My Morning Wooten

Tired today. In every way.
DeKalb. More drama
Is this hate on Dekalb month? A quick reminder from Jim's last anti-Dekalb screed that his home Cobb is not exactly shangra-la.

If I’m standing before the bar [of justice] with my life in the balance I want the most extensive defense I can get,” explains Georgia Senate Minority Leader Robert Brown (D-Macon). This is where liberalism has wandered: An expectation of entitlement to “the most extensive defense I can get” at the public’s expense. No need ever to work a day. From cradle to grave, the best of everything, at no cost.
A constitutionally guaranteed right is now just more liberal pandering. This is the level of conservative thought at the AJC these days. The modern conservative philosophy - don't trust the government unless it's trying to kill, then it's okay to play cheap because the government's probably right.

Let D.C. have voting representation in Congress. Give it back to Maryland. Otherwise, no.
Pure-ass politics. On both sides. Dems want it because it would add to their caucus. Reps want it in Maryland because that would dilute Dem power. Oh the things we leave out of our screeds, yet still expect readers to trust.

That's all I can take today.


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Unknown said...

Can we just keep it as is, like it was intended?

If voting means so much, and the turnout in every election of my life says it really isn't, move elsewhere. Unless you were born there, you knew you lost your Federal voting rights when you moved there.

They have a point on the whole "taxation without representation thing", so exempt them from Federal taxes. That may effectively eliminate crime and poverty in the District by driving real estate even higher. :-)

Reminds me of people who move in next to an airport or race track that has been there for 50 years and try to close it down because of the noise.