Monday, February 09, 2009

View From Another Journalist

This one is gold.
The new media advocates are right that if newspapers go away, people won’t miss it for its format. As they correctly point out, it’s not about the format. Now here’s a shocker: Believe it or not, a lot of newspaper journalists DO realize this. So first let’s stop painting them with a broad brush based on the occasional diatribes from a few columnists with outdated understandings of media.
John Zhu is right. On both counts. Now part of it is we've been preachin' for years and ears are finally hearing. But by God, it is nice to see someone on the "other side" actually put something I've said dozens of times in print.

Via Wendy (Who I'm finding more and more invaluable in keeping me informed on media issues)

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I'd actually miss the format most of all, FWIW.