Thursday, February 05, 2009

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 14

A daily recap of the Georgia Public Broadcasting show "Lawmakers". The show airs weekdays at 7:00pm with a replay at 5:30am the following weekday.

Day 14

* Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. But we'll have our good friends Dave, Nwandi, Valarie, Brittany, Tiana, etal. along for the ride.

* HOPE book stipend is preserved. Heard this earlier. The previous triggers on the stipend were a little draconian. This gives HOPE a little flexability. I know HOPE is a biggie, but if this is the top story...

* And on the Senate side we've got a bill to allow students with certain allergies to carry self-administered doses of epi...epi...the stuff you take when you have an allergic reaction. Passed unanimously. Yes, children. We are in the doldrums.

* Ratification of Executive Orders which have already been executed. WHOO BOY!

* More ethics reform stuff. This is actually a little exciting (well, relatively speaking) because it wants to close loopholes which allow the transfer of funds from one campaign to another. No more footsey wootsey with the money woney!

* Yay! Gun bills! This might quicken the blood! Three bills to loosen gun laws but Casey has already said that ain't making it to the Senate floor. I learned last year during the veto crisis just how easy it is to shuffle things off into oblivion. So, these things ain't going nowhere. Oh well. Wait there's a nugget here. The Georgia Carry people are claiming Georgia's strict gun laws violate the 2nd amendment. I believe 99% of gun laws are silly but strict? That's a laugher. Based on my experience, Georgia's got some of the loosest laws in the country. Seriously. With a straight face, they just said we are the strictest state in the country. I support gun rights but these people are loons. Lord, I needed that just for the laugh. Now comes the onslaught of crazies claiming I'm a gun grabbing liberal goon.

* It's the tobacco tax that will never die. But Jerry Keen is having none of it. House leadership is sticking to the no new taxes pledge.

* Hey! A new face! Hello to Emily Banks.

* Governor Perdue's incentive based educator bills have been filed. The question? Where in God's name will the money come from?

* Did you know that if a person isn't wearing a seatbelt in an accident it's inadmissable in court? Me neither. Hell, even the Libertarians are quiet on this one. I'm getting ready to sing kumbaya.

* Flu shots without prescriptions. Haven't we seen this before? Groundhog Day was the other day right? I'm not going to hear Sonny and Cher on my clock radio in the morning am I?

* Curious we haven't heard anything about the January revenue figures yet. Maybe it broke too late? Let me give you a hint. Sources say it's gonna be U-G-L-Y.

* Good lord. Something about tax assessors and assessments and foreclosures. I won't need valium tonight.

* The bill now known as Georgia Power vs Clark Howard! This should have been the top story (except they may not be anything new to add). Balfour vs. Stoner in a death match of substitute bills! Have I mentioned that Stoner is on camera a lot this session?

* More rallies against particular budget cuts. Domestic Violence programs this time. Just like with the senior citizens - I ain't going there.

* Some anti-teen exploitation group is heaping praise on Renee Unterrmen's three bills mentioned the other day. And there's a Lt. Governor candidate who made sure he was in the shot. I won't say which one but I will say the man knows how to hit his mark.

* If you cut, we'll bleed - the chant of the hemophilliac's protesting budget cuts. Not making that up.

* Cool tie, Allen Freedman.

* Tomorrow the Homestead Exemption and Property Tax Relief bills hit the Senate floor! Whoopee! We're finally gonna have some real debate! Until then. That's a wrap.

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Pokerista said...

Re: seatbelt usage being inadmissible, that is the rule in most states. Florida is one of the few exceptions that allow admission of evidence of seatbelt usage or non-usage. The rationale for making it inadmissible is tied somehow to mandatory seatbelt usage laws and no-fault insurance laws. I think the insurance companies push for the inadmissibility rule pretty strongly, but it's always seemed like a vague rationale to me. (I think they are worried that auto accident claims and lawsuits will become too bogged down in arguments about comparative fault, thus preventing legitimately injured people from being able to quickly collect adequate insurance money in accidents where the other driver was clearly at fault.)

As a practical matter, it's not that hard to make a jury understand that someone injured in a car accident wasn't wearing their seatbelt. If they go flying across the vehicle, or are ejected, or wind up in the backseat when they started in the's pretty obvious they weren't belted.

I predict the insurance industry gets the bill killed.