Monday, April 13, 2009

AJC Death Watch: The List

I'm going to say it again because it seems people either forget or ignore it all the time - it breaks my heart when people lose their jobs.

Scott Henry has the list of those taking the buyout (or forced to take the buyout) at the AJC. Sonia Murray. Phil Kloer. Terrence Moore. These are names even casual readers recognize. There's also Doug Nurse whom I had the pleasure of meeting when our paths crossed on The Love Shack saga.

But there's one name in particular I'd like to point out - Lea Donosky.

In my first encounter with traditional media animosity, Ms. Donosky not only defended the bloggers in the room, but also drew the comparison to Thomas Paine. I've used that analogy dozens of times over the years.

People with vision are rare - and they seem to be growing rarer in the newspaper industry.

In my mind, this list is a tipping point. At what point does a desperate industry cut so deep that the very talent which could save it is no longer there? We grow closer to the answer every day.


Blackjackk said...

Hmm... being that the AJC hardly covers the arts to begin with it now appears that it will be going below zero. Surprise, surprise

buzzbrockway said...

Sad to see Doug Nurse and Ben Smith on the list. Both guys covered Gwinnett politics in previous days and did a fine job IMHO. Hopefully they land on their feet.

Seth said...

Having been interviewed twice by Phil Kloer, he was a really nice gentleman and a very informed reporter/interviewer. Sad to see him go, but I'm hopeful he's got great things ahead of him.