Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Morning Wooten

Jim reaches a new pinnacle of the nonsense and non-sequitor this week.

I'd have an easier time translating hieroglyphics.

Feel free to make your own attempt - kind of a dada mad-lib.


Amber Rhea said...

It's hard to say which part of his little list makes the least sense, but I'll go w/ this:

When enforcement fails, throw in the towel. Mexico’s Congress debates legalizing marijuana for personal use. That’s what the U.S. will do with illegal immigration and states did with gambling. Decriminalize anything you can’t, or won’t, control — and maybe make a little money off it, too.I thought he was against big government, over-regulation, and that fabled nanny state? Oh, right, that doesn't apply when we're talking about brown people and activities he personally doesn't approve of.

And, this was a funny typo:

GM President Barack Obama will surely order his plants to stop producing SUVs, big trucks and other vehicles that provide unfair protection to occupants in said collusions.Jim, your Freudian slip is showing!

Amber Rhea said...

Dammit, when did Blogger start erasing the line breaks after a closing </i> tag? That really pisses me off - esp. since they don't allow blockquotes. :P

Pokerista said...

It was like he was attempting to out-asshole himself, over and over again.

MTHEORY said...

As a conservative, I have nor problem with decriminalizing illegal immigration, as long as it's only for personal use.

Wooten- sometimes he's good, sometimes he's whargarbl, but I think the shortimer's syndrome is showing today.

ProgressivePeach said...

I... I.. I just couldn't do it. It was too painful. I made it about eight words in before I have to bail.

Cerebration said...

"Congratulations to DeKalb School Superintendent Crawford Lewis and his board for starting the DeKalb Marine Corps Institute come August. To those who resist it on any basis other than the usual neighborhood NIMBY-ism, shame on you."

As far as that comment goes, feel free to come to the DeKalb School Watch blog for an explanation of exactly WHY the neighbors didn't want a very tiny elementary school with no gymnasium, no lockers, and tiny toilets to be used as a high school. This little elementary school has been used for many years as a school for high needs special education. The school system has kicked these kids to the curb - sending them to merge with other special needs kids - so now we will have ONE school that children will attend from age 3 to 22. One building for their entire education!

Back to the military school. Yes, some people opposed the concept, however, Wooten implied that the neighbors were being "NIMBY's" and opposed the concept in their neighborhood. I wish he would have spent 5 minutes to ask one of the neighborhood reps why they are fighting this school. This little school was built in 1968 - it only has 18 classrooms and sits on 9 acres. There are only 40 parking spaces. It's on a quiet neighborhood sidestreet off Briarcliff Road about 1/2 mile from Lakeside - a high school that already causes serious congestion due to their burgeoning enrollment of nearly 1700 in a building built for 1250 or so. Thus - 22 trailers at Lakeside. And now - another high school just down the street.

It won't work. It's a stupid idea. Oak Grove elementary is close by and already has 6 trailers. Use the Heritage building for the OG overflow - after all - Heritage is an elementary school.

Dr Lewis even admitted that there's no place for PE - so he thought he might send the marine corps students on a bus down to Adams stadium for PE! ($$$)

At any rate - read the blog conversation if you care to -- hopefully Jim Wooten will read it too! This comment in his "column" proved to me that he just spouts off - he doesn't actually research anything. to be so long. Sorry to be so one-issued. Thanks for listening.