Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Ask Julia A Question

This Sunday, AJC Editor Julia Wallace explains the ongoing reorganization on Marietta St. She will also field questions.

I submitted one.
Ms. Wallace.

Given the reaction of the online community as well as the rise of such local websites as inDecatur and DecaturMetro while the AJC continued to close local bureaus, do you regret stating the following in 2007?

"Online, we will show that we know Atlanta best, providing superlative news and information and becoming the preferred medium for connecting local communities"
We'll see if it gets through moderation and if it does how much spin the answer will contain.

UPDATE: Still no answer.

At least I don't think there's an answer.

Perhaps I just can't find it in the AJC's hideous mix master commenting software.

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Joeventures said...


She's sitting there describing the "bittersweet" process of laying off all these people and how much it hurts to let go of all these talented journalists. And yet, there's a photo of her right there looking back at you and smiling.