Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 14

A daily recap of the Georgia Public Broadcasting show "Lawmakers". The show airs weekdays at 7:00pm with a replay at 5:30am the following weekday.

Day 14

* I've finally caught up! Today's Gonzo is in synch with yesterday's broadcast. Hopefully, I can continue to stay on pace. And hopefully, the gang has a better day than they did last Friday. The number 13 bit 'em hard.

* Chyron was late. Not a good sign.

* We start off with Perdue's proposal to appoint the Ag, Insurance, Labor commishes and the State School Superintendent.

* Sonny still needs a hair cut. Everybody's rocking the 70's vibe!

* Support and opposition does not fall along party lines. He doesn't want an appointed Attorney General or Secretary of State. They need to remain independent.

* I notice that Susan doesn't jump in and interrupt the Governor like she does most politicians. WHOOPS! Take that back. She just jumped on the Gov and he seemed a little off put.

* Casey Time!

* As usual, the Lite Guv is cautious. There's pros and cons and we'll debate them.

* Bill to reduce the use of paper. We need more online stuff. Macon's Travis Fain has a hilarious write-up about this one.

* The Guv pushing his merit based pay for teachers. I can smell the lobbyists circling. It looks like The Guv has a knot on his head. I hope he didn't get head butted by the head of the Georgia Association of Educators.

* Casey again. Being cautious again.

* Looks like today is pretty much all pressers. Makes sense as the legislative day was fairly light.

* Sen. Steve Henson....wait a minute. I'm pretty sure I know Steven Henson. He's the senator just to the south of me. And that sure doesn't look like him. Maybe he's coloring his hair. Anyway, ethics blah blah blah.

* Sen. Vincent Fort is railing against Emory again. This time about that poor young man who died in the sleep center last week. He wants them to shut down the sleep center. I happen to know someone who works there, so I would call this a negative jobs program.

* More of The Guv. Maybe he got the knot on his head from being under heat of the camera lights for hours on end. Probably also why he never has time to get a hair cut.

* I wish we could see Bert Brantley and determine if he's wearing a tie. The public has the right to know!

* Keocia!

* And she has a meaty bill to talk about. The Fair Lending Act. This is about the fifth straight year they've tried to pass something against predatory lending. Never passes. Won't this time either.

* Sen. Fort again. Talking straight to Keocia. And he's against the bill! For the obvious reason. It doesn't go far enough to help the little peoples.

* A bill to reward local law enforcement for busting the illegals. I predict this will be popular. The Georgia Latino Legislators shockingly disagrees.

* Some technical bill about people on probation not doing like they should. But we get a scowling House clerk. The streak continues! Although the red headed one isn't there. Hope she's okay.

* More housekeeping. They changed a single word in a law. Not kidding.

* Lottery sales tax. I smell study committee! Alan Essig of the Georgia Budget And Policy Institute (seen by some as a hidey hole of socialist pinkos) likes it but smells trouble. That man is always a negative nelly. And the fact that he even hints at liking it will probably scare the Republicans straight.

* A bill to allow car racing in local communities if sanctioned by the local government. The Fast And The Furious: Gwinnett County! Many technical questions by the committee members. I smell study committee!

* Seriously. How old is Adam Bridges?

* Medical indemnity fraud. How exciting. Scuse me, while I step out for a minute.

* Lawmaker flashback! Richard Warner is the anchor in 1984. I remember him! Yes, I was a political geek even back then. At least they have chairs now. Progress! Some legislator is talking about hooch. There's nothing like an old white dude in a bad suit talking about the liquor and "other spriits".

* Green blazers but it's not about The Masters. It was 4-H day! I was a 4-Her. I'm suddenly giddy. Everyone is praising the new Rock Eagle dining room. Might have to make a visit.

* Ricky Bevington and her Book of Doom! The GBI is closing three of its crime labs including I'm sad to say the one in my hometown of Moultrie. Another fine against a chemical company. I swear one days she's just going to start screaming "frogs!" "locusts!" "rivers turning to blood!"

* Tomorrow we get Calvin Smyre on the leaders series. He's always entertaining. For now, that's a wrap!

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