Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Gonzo Lawmakers - Day 9

Day 9

* Susan sure is fond of black.

* There was a big brouhaha over Renee Untermann's child prostitution bill today. I hope one of the kids caught the crazy on tape.

* House passed bill that allows businesses to renew loans even if the value of the thing is below the loan price. Currently, banks can call the loan or not allow renegotiation. The business has to have made their payments on time. Apparently, this closes a loop hole which allows state chartered banks to take this action. Federally covered banks already can.

* Here's Chip Rogers big bill to overhaul the property tax laws. Year long appeals. Receive notice of assessment every year even if there's no change. Tweaks some other assessment rules. This thing was just introduced and is going to get a lot more scrutiny, so I'm sure we'll get into the details later.

* Rogers ultimately wants the property tax eliminated. Many of his cohort on the elephant side of the aisle want the income tax eliminated. If we do away with both what would be left?

* And I get my answer right away! Here's a Republican that wants to institute a new tax! Sen. Greg Goggans wants to tack on sales tax to the lottery. I bet that's going to be popular.

* Sen. Bill Jackson (R-Land of Cotton) apparently lives near a wrinkle in time since he's preachin' a story straight out of the 1850s. He knows a silver haired lady, teaching in a one room shack with a pot bellied stove so we must support the teachers. This is the best speech ever.

* Valerie live at Hogwarts.

* Sen. Harp, who just happens to be running for Insurance Commissioner, wants to amend the constitution to re-affirm the right of people to choose their own health insurance. Amend. The. Constitution. For something that hasn't even passed. And you wonder why we have so many lawyers in this state.

* They also want the Attorney General to investigate Nebraska gettin' a deal on a bill that hasn't passed yet. Once again, 40 days is about 39 too many.

* Sen. Ross Tolleson wants the United States to keep up with the Russkies in weapons research. 39 days is too many. Cut it down to half a day and be done with it.

* Rep. Amy Carter (no not that one) wants to send the sex offender list, currently sent via snail mail, by digital means to schools (currently that's required by law)

* Here's the child prostitution bill! And Alan Freedman has the goods!

* Renee Untermann's bill essentially wants to stop arresting children under 16 engaged in prostitution (an act that in Georgia they can't even legally consent to perform). Opponents believe jail is just dandy. Hopefully, we'll get to just who those opponents are in a minute.

* Hurl cam!

* Concerned Women for America, The Georgia Christian Alliance oppose the bill. They believe it sends a signal that prostitution is okay because it removes the deterrent. Alan forgot to ask them if there they will next advocate stoning.

* Job creation. Complex. Needs time. This might get meatier later, but not tonight.

* Lawmaker flashback! 1979! We're flying now! Bill to allow hunting with handguns! Lord goodness the GPB studio has changed. That poor woman in 1979 didn't even have a chair. My brothers used to shoot hogs with pistols. I have no idea if it was legal are not when they did it. No Speaker Murphy again! We are told it is because the Speaker Pro Tem was running things in the clip.

* Joint ethics committee. The Democrats have already started making political hay with this issue.

* Keocia!

* They are haggling over gift giving. Rep...I don't know who it is, I didn't catch her name and the camera angle is only showing the back of her head...is asking if the scarves they get from the dental lobby would be a problem. Yes. It's just that weird.

* Lots of committee meetings and special gatherings, so the kids are getting busy. Lara Fawaz went to some water discussion with the geoscience geeks from the universities. Some law professor is explaining the city of Atlanta is probably okay but Gwinnett is screwed. He wants us to collect water from our air conditioners. Seriously.

* Black History Month lesson in the House. Explaining the term "the real McCoy" came from an African American inventor who invented some sort of lube. For machine parts, you degenerates. Anyway, did not know that.

* State news with Ricky Bevington. And she's reading from the Book of Revelation again. Whales are choking. High school students can now access graduation test prep on-line. How 1990s of us! The first African American Chief Judge of the Appeals Court, John Ruffin, died.

* They had to wrap that sucker quick. They are getting closer and closer to going past 7:30. I expect less vamping in upcoming broadcast. But for now, that's a wrap!

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Dave Bearse said...

Lottery ticket purchase is already taxed at 45%, and someone is sponsoring legislation to increase it to 51 or 52%? From a guy not doubt that would be seeking to lead a charge against a proposal to increase the state income tax be increased from 6 to 7%. What a grandstanding hack!