Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Political Hardball

During a time when the public is in an uproar about the shenanigans at the Capitol, Karen Handel says the culture at the Gold Dome is full of "sex, lies and lobbyists".

That's good politics.

During a fiscal crisis where everyone in the state is taking furloughs, Rep. Ben Harbin slyly slips in a comment about how Handel has not taken any furlough days.

That's also good politics.

Erick "Glass Jaw" Erickson vehemently defends Handel and also slurs Harbin.

Might be good politics. Might be petulance parading as politics. In the media age of Erick's heroes (Rush, Sean, etc.), it becoming difficult to tell the difference.


Jen B. said...

I'm ok with no furloughs if she managed to cut enough elsewhere, which it looks like she might have.

Anonymous said...

Other state agencies were also able to make the necessary cuts to meet the revised budget numbers - but their employees were FORCED to take unpaid days off.