Monday, February 08, 2010

Tom Price 2012?

Interesting tweet from the AJC's political ace, Aaron Gould Shenin:
Georgia Rep. Tom Price schedules visit to Iowa this month, and has op-ed in Nashua (NH) Telegraph today. OK then
When politicians start scheduling things in Iowa and Nashua, they are usually gearing up for a Presidential bid.

Tom Price, you may not know, is the Republican representing the 6th District here in Georgia. Didn't know that? Don't know where the 6th is? You wouldn't be alone as I've heard Republicans question, "where is the 6th again? Somewhere north of the 2nd?"

Maybe the Mayans do have it right. Maybe we really are headed to crazy land.


Jen said...

He's my congresscritter and I hope he resigns his seat and runs.

Wes said...

Jen, I'm with you. Please resign to run, Rep. Price!


Baker said...

Are ya'll hoping for this because you know he would lose AND he wouldn't be your congressman anymore? I think a presidential run would be a reach.

Juliana said...

Tom Price R-Resurgens Orthopedics

He certainly fits a "profile" of who is likely to consider running in 2012. Appears sane on outside, but is very soft and squishy on inside.

But he's a big baby...
Last time he saw me in the halls at Cannon blg he nearly ran away from me.. seriously quicken his step and wouldn't make eye contact with our delegation, although I very cheerily said "Good Morning Congressman".. he mumbled and started to bolt.

But one thing is for sure, he can raise money... he raised twice what the average congress person did, and 43% comes from PACS. Mostly all medical ones.