Thursday, December 13, 2007

Josh Lanier On Torture

Forsyth County Democratic Debate - When the candidates were asked very directly about torture, Josh Lanier was quick to rise.

He related how in 1971, he was a member of a special operations unit in Vietnam. This unit would remove their uniforms, put on civilian clothing and walk into the deadly world of southeast Asia with the appearance of just any other westerner in the country. As part of this assignment, he was required to sign a statement that by undertaking this mission, he was forfeiting any right to protection under the Geneva convention.

Lanier said he suddenly felt a dreadful fear. Capture would mean the possibility of facing torture with no recourse or rescue. It was not a moment of theory. It was a moment of harsh reality. A moment which cemented why for the safety of our own military, we must never succumb to the seduction of torture.

Lanier finished by categorically condemning torture and admitted he wouldn't mind getting in the face of any "chicken-hawk yahoo" who advocated such disgraceful action.


Open+Transparent said...

Wow, great answer. This guy seems impressive, but does he have any name recognition?

Vernon could not appear because of scheduling? C'mon now...

griftdrift said...

Trackboy I told someone there it was the best damned answer I had heard on the subject at any level.

Open+Transparent said...

Someone wrote on Tondee's that Lanier has "gravitas". Yep, I see that big time.

Now this guy needs to fundraise and get the word out ASAP.

James said...

It surely got an enthusiastic response but I wasn't that impressed with the answer.

His best answer was when talking about how his fellow soldiers in 'Nam would stand on top of a bunker and yell "come get it Charlie." That showed some character and charisma, something the rest of the candidates lacked.

It doesn't matter though, Vernon will win the primary.

Anonymous said...

Lanier was easily the most boring candidate. At least Martinez was at least fun to laugh at.

I felt like I was going to need to go nudge him to wake up.

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