Monday, April 07, 2008

My Morning Wooten

Jim on the latest right wing zombie - Obama's flag pin.
Barack Obama cost me a dollar... I bet my colleague, Jay Bookman, that when Obama appeared before cameras for his Jeremiah Wright speech, he’d be wearing an American flag lapel pin...I lost...Obama has said he thinks actions, not lapel pins, demonstrate real patriotism. For enough Americans to represent the difference between victory and defeat in a general election, that’s a little ambiguous. That’s especially true of white, blue-collar types...I have to admit that I’m one of them. A candidate who wants to be President of the United States should not be uncomfortable wearing a flag lapel pin or think it’s cheesy. Symbols matter.

Jim, I'm a betting man too. How about this? Every time a Republican is seen wearing a flag pin I'll give you a dollar. Every time one is seen sans pin, you give me a dollar.

I'll gladly donate my expected windfall to a non-partisan charity. My personal favorite is Habitat for Humanity - also a fine example of action instead of rhetoric exemplifying belief.


Sara said...

Since when is an editorial writer for the AJC "blue collar?"

Anonymous said...

I agree that symbols matter. And here's the symbol I like: That Obama is not wearing the pin just to appease those voters. I've got nothing against a flag pin, but I admire someone who doesn't decide to wear one just because everyone is telling him he has to. It is just one of many times in this eletion so far -- the speech, of course, being the most notable -- where Obama could have just taken the most expediant route but instead did what he believes is right. That is exactly what the Democrats need.

By the way, Sara, although Jim is technically not "blue collar," he certainly looks rumpled in his photograph, and probably has ink stains on his hands from helping the folks in the basement working the presses. He sure isn't some elitist who likes MARTA and such.