Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Should We Trust The AHSA?

According to Erick Erickson, of course not! They support Democrats!

Who is the AHSA? It is the American Hunters and Shooters Association.

You can find an alternate viewpoint from Erick's "we're all going to soon be gulaged away by the Godless communists gun takers" worldview by reading what I wrote nearly two years ago on the AHSA . I leave you to your own judgment.

In the meantime, I have a question for Erick.

Should we gun owners instead trust an organization which promised failing grades to any legislator who refused to succumb to the strong arm tactics of mercenary lobbyists on a single local issue which even its local chapter deemed foolish?

I guess the grade only matters when the curve goes in favor of the class pets.


Unknown said...

Read both your previous article on the creation in the extension of the Brady campaign, AHSA, as well as todays. I also read your short and comical bio where all three leave me with one very important question...Just what ignorance are you relying on to make your assinine assumptions??
What the hell do you actually know about "cop killer" bullets??

Further, what education and training do you have that makes you think your "judgement" is even worth mentioning especially the snarky ass way you drooled it??

What fucking clue do you thinik you have about this situation especially given the AHSA clowns long history of financial support to liberal sniveling lunatics AND their past associations??

If you hunt the same way you apply "reasonable judgement" here it's a wonder you ever see any game much less bag it.

Oh, yeah, my experience and qualifications to chew your narrow ass, you ask??

I've been certified as a law enforcement firearms instructor and have forgotten more about what's happening in the real world than you'll ever pretend to know...which means this is your golden invitation for you to start doing your homework with say, real-time police studies of actual crimes to begin to get a clue or you can pick up any books by Dr. John Lott instead of taking silly wild ass guesses as to what you laughably think is "reasonable".

In the future, try asking questions rather than being a drooling smart ass son and then we might catch you up to speed.

griftdrift said...

Welcome Winghunter.

I see you've read my stuff. So you already know that I've said such assinine and lunatic things like "many gun laws are daft and useless".

That's in the same article that talks about "cop killer bullets".

You're right. I have no experience in law enforcement.

So when it comes to law enforcement's opinion on gun control I defer to things like the Fraternal Order of Police which endorsed the Brady Bill.

But I'll give you this. You did educate me a bit on cavalierly using the term "cop killers". I'll endeavor to learn more.

Now about that hunting. I'll admit to being an average hunter. I hunt because it's a family thing and I enjoy nature.

I don't get into dick measuring about what I bag. Neither do my friends.

Anonymous said...