Sunday, April 20, 2008

Georgia Politics Podcast Episode 16

The gang once again joined together at Manuels Tavern to discuss the recent session, bloggers mixing in politics and the mating habits of political staffers.

Listen in on the thoughts of myself, Decaturguy, Catherine and Jen from Blog For Democracy and our always gracious host JosephG.

And yes I know it's Abraham not Abrams. I always screw up that name for some reason.


thomaspatrickwheatley said...

Great podcast. The "Abrams/Abraham" thing is baffling, especially since everyone pronounces it "Abrams," yet it's spelled "Abraham."

At a conference where Abraham spoke, they spelled her name "Gene Abraham" on the projector screen. Now that's a misstep.

griftdrift said...

Thanks Thomas. I've heard it pronounced both ways. Names are hard!