Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gonzo Athens

Random notes of a deranged blogger who attended the YDUGA Senate Debate:

Cardwell used an analogy of cigarette packs to PACs.

Josh Lanier on a politician's need to know the audience: "I'm Rand Knight Saxon"

Apparently there's been a lot of defacing of Senate desk 32 over the decades.

Rand Knight: "We can't continue to live on coffee shops and condominiums".

Cardwell after Lanier explained his theory of universal healthcare: "I loved that."

Rand Knight on the environment: "We're defecating in our own house."

Josh Lanier: Looks forward to the day we "tax bad things like pollution and stop taxing good things like working".

Republican like moment of the night - Josh Lanier calling for an end to capital gains taxes on entrepeneurs.

Careless allegiances moment of the night - Dale Cardwell bragging about a Georgia Tech professor less than a mile from Sanford Stadium

Campus police ask me if I know who had put all the signs out front. It's Rand Knight.

Dale Cardwell referencing the Gene Hackman "Posiedon Adventure" which was released before most of the audience was born. Should have gone with the Kurt Russell "Posiedon".

Asked how they would show young people appreciation Knight jokes he'll forgive all student loans.

Although he couldn't resist taking a poke at the lowly blogger's alledged immunity from libel suits, Athens Banner-Herald boy reporter Blake Aued agreed to join me for a beer in the future.



GeorgiaValues said...

Jim Martin continues to hide from Georgia voters. His is truly a disappointing campaign.

Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

Wow! You stumbled on a treasure trove of mauled metaphors. Lucky dog you!

Anonymous said...

Boy reporter?!? Why, I oughta ...

I've been 21 for a long time, buddy.