Thursday, April 17, 2008


Question of the day, gentle readers.

How many right wing boogeymen can a person put into one blog entry?

Communists? Check.

Particularly Chinese Communists? Check.

Associates of Saddam Hussein (But Rumsfeld etal do not count)? Check

Anti-war activists? Check

60s radicals? Check

The PLO? Check

Radical muslims in general? Check

Sandinistas? An oldie but goodie and also a check.

According to Erick it's all just vetting. Erick is this the same kind of vetting required for John McCain back in 2000 to be 100% sure he hadn't spawned a mix race baby?

The ghost of Roy Cohn is grinning.


Sara said...

While we're "vetting" McCain and talking about communists, shouldn't we be mentioning the whole Manchurian candidate thing? I mean, let's be fair. He spent 4 long years in the hands of the communist VC...

Fearless Leader said...

Now Sara ... you're saying it wrong. Communists are "Arch-Communists" now. The hyphen seals in the evil.

But is McCain going to pull a Raymond Shaw on us? Not likely. If someone was going to pull his sleeper agent switch, they would've done it when he was far less doddering.

That being said, I am more and more convinced that McCain is suffering from some hardcore PTSD. And I'm not alone.

In other words, he might just flip the hell out, indeed. But he would do it without the guidance, purpose and direction that a well-trained Manchurian Candidate would have.

Sara said...

I don't actually think he'll flip out, but then I don't actually fear the red menace anymore either.

Anonymous said...

Right Wing etiquette nearly always calls for media bashing. Was that included?

rptrcub said...

I think Psycho Geezer *will* flip out. Anyone want to take a bet on which country he'll nuke first?

MTHEORY said...

He left out “liberal activist judges,” “liberal college professors,” “the drive-by media,” “radical feminists,” “Tree-huggers,” “Tax-and-spend Democrats,” “government employees,” “the Clinton political machine,” “illegal immigrants,” “Barbara Streisand,” “people who live in San Francisco” and “the French.” (although I think the French are losing their boogeyman status).

Which makes his post “fair and balanced.” Heh.

Anonymous said...

"peaceniks," "McGovernicks," "Feminazis," "Environmental whackos," "the terr-erists"

Amber Rhea said...

Nicely done, Mtheory and Steve!

The only others I can think of after that extensive list are "trial lawyers" and "Islamofascists."

Anonymous said...

Don't forget radical feminists...
Cause you can't have all that and not bash women too.

Glad you're back.. missed you


Amber Rhea said...

Mtheory mentioned radical feminists! How could anyone leave them out, they're a favorite bogey(wo)man.

I've been tempted to go off on a screed about how Erick et al (and related assholes) bash women all the time but apparently that's not worthy of supreme disgust. Maybe I will later.. hmm.

Sara said...

How could we have left out abortionists?

Amber Rhea said...

I think you mean proponents of "abortion on demand."