Thursday, May 29, 2008

In Which I Hate On Everyone

The downfall of embracing Zen ways is at times the plain awful can be pushed back as a minor irritant and eventually pushed away as not mattering at all.

It's been a while since I've been pissed. So pardon me as I carve the block.

Scott McLellan - To my conservative brothers and sisters. It seems you've decided to take the tact that former prevaricator-in-prime is simply cashing in on the "Bush hate". Well, hate is a strong word but given approximately 70% of the country currently can't stand the sonuvabitch, I only have one word of advice - let the market rule.

To my liberal brothers and sisters. It seems instead of chortling "I told you so" for finally having hard core testimony about the nefarious imcompetence of your primary target, you choose to scream about McLellan being a liar a few years ago. A press secretary obfuscating? Next you'll tell me poker players bluff. Grow up and enjoy the victory. You don't get them that often.

Unions - I like unions. I especially like the fact they require certain standards for employees in certain industries which could result in my untimely departure from this world. Like keeping airplanes in the sky. Like loaded guns on movie sets. Like sign printing for political campaigns. Wait a minute. Scratch that last one.

Look, I know Democrats have to cater to organized labor but is complaining about signs not having a union label really keeping your eye on the ball? In a state that's notoriously anti-union? In a state where your victories have been few and far between lately? Really?

Voter ID - Just because the Supreme Court gives you standing doesn't mean you have a case. Memo to DPG: Karen Handel is right. Stop wasting money on this snipe hunt and move on to better things. Like voter registration and driving old people to the polls. I could be wrong but I'm betting this would be a far more effective method to break that old 45% barrier.

Barack Obama - 57 states? Confusing Buchenwald with Auschwitz? And do I even need to say Rachel Ray? This is the continuous crap feed which almost caused me to stop writing? Then, I think to myself, if this is the best the right wing noise machine can gin up, why the hell should anybody worry?

And now that the spleen has found its vent, its time for a karmic band-aid of love.

Tommy Irvin - I doubt Commissioner Irvin would recognize me but if I told him my mama's name and where we lived, he'd probably ask how the cotton fared last year. Get well soon, Tommy. There's far too few of us south Georgia boys left up here.

The hate will return tomorrow and continue daily until further notice.


Sara said...

I was with ya til the Voter ID. Look, the Supreme Court basically invited an as-applied challenge once one of these laws was actually used in an election. In order to make out such a claim, the DPG is gonna have to put forth individuals whose ability to vote was impeded by the requirement that they have state-issued ID. If DPG can come up with something along the lines of those nuns in Ohio, then their lawsuit should move forward. If not, it will die on a motion to dismiss or a motion for summary judgment. And the world will not end that the SoS had to spend more money defending a program that we all know was implemented to dampen rural and poor voter turnout, even if it isn't that onerous in practice as compared to the complaints we all heard when it was first put in place.

This is one of those situations where I think we have to let the court system do its job and consider these undecided constitutional arguments and make a decision. If the DPG is blowing smoke, the judge will hopefully see that right away and grant the motion to dismiss that I'm sure Handel's lawyers are drafting as we speak.

rptrcub said...

Karen H. had the audacity to bring up the troops in her little hissy fit of a statement. That's what pisses me off. Then DPG lawsuit has NOTHING to do with them. Kar, quit using them as props.

Fearless Leader said...

A little side note about union logos.

During my brief foray into market data analysis for a couple of HMOs (both now defunct, neither undone by me), I remember hearing more than once that a prepared insurance salesperson -- the kind that peddles benefits plans to businesses large and small -- needed to keep two kinds of business cards at all times. One would display the printer's union logo. The other would not.

In other words, if the salesperson was meeting with a CEO or some other executive type, he'd be wise to leave the union-branded (and presumably blue-collar friendly) cards in the Pontiac glovebox.

Jen said...

1. Scott McLellan has no credibility. Were you lying then or are you a liar now? Either way, he's a liar.

2. Union bugs are nice, but nothing to get all in arms about.

3. Stop fighting this and get people their free IDs!

4. Look, I'd never even heard of Buchenwald before this brouhaha..

But then again, I'm anti-seatbelt law and pro-marijuana.

Richard Campbell said...

Umm, dude, if a candidate for office as a Democrat doesn't hold the line on the union label while actively campaigning for election, you think they're going to give the first shit about labor if elected?

I see that as a warning sign right up there with saying you voted for Bush both times, personally.

Sid Cottingham said...

Scott McClellan:
I watched his interview on Keith Olbermann last night. He was impressive, and did a good job. It is always good when someone sees the light, even if it is later rather than sooner.

Voter ID:
I'm with James on the voter ID. It is past time to move on. If one wants to spend time, energy and money on election issues, work on getting absentee voting tightened up. I have witnessed this area of voting firsthand for years, and know it is fraught with fraud. (With respect to everyone who votes this way? Of course not. My daughter at UGA votes absentee, and for many it is a manner of convenience. But for many, yes, very, very many, my statement is unfortunately very true.)

Union labels:
Historically these have been a must for Democratic candidates. Contrary to what Richard says, many candidates do not know this, and thus I do not think it necessarily means anything when they don't have the label union put on their campaign material. (When you order bumper stickers, you will get asked the question: Do you or do you not want the union label.) I doubt 95% of the public notices or knows whether to look to see if it is there, but union folks do. And as James alludes to, this discussion might not make a lot of sence in Georgia where unions do not have a large base.

He never forgot from whence he came.

possum said...

Hate is good, man! Keep the hate on! Also, Sid, that's a good point about Irvin not forgetting his roots. That's what did Max Cleland in. When he went to the Senate, he dumped his old Christmas card list and got a new one.(True story!) He lost because he was a terrible politician, not because of Diebold. And I'm a Democrat. Or I would be if I weren't, you know, a rat-like creature who feeds from garbage.