Wednesday, May 07, 2008


My friend Blackjack and I used to see a lot of bands. From the granola grounds of Decatur to the boot stomping of Little Five to places on Trinity long gone, we sampled most everything Atlanta had to offer in the 90s. Now, we're older, grayer, a little tubbier and listening to Sirius and XM because there is so little out there to excite an aging hipster. We are close to needing aural viagra.

Which is why I want to talk to you about Tendaberry.

The great thing about "500 Songs For Kids" at Smiths Old Bar is you get to see 40 or so bands in rapid succession. It is a feast of styles and flavors. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it don't. But it's always fun.

When the young men of Tendaberry hit the opening note of The Jackson Five's "The Love You Save", my tired ears suddenly perked up. My thoughts were instantly of Bad Brains with a dash of Fishbone tossed in. Perusing their webpage I realize I didn't give them enough credit. Their range is impressive and their many influences are evident.

They'll be at Lenny's on the 30th.

I plan to be there.

Will you?


Unknown said...

OK. Any band that includes Gang of Four, Layra Nyro and Jacques Brel in their list of influences has my interest. I might make it to Lenny's on the 30th... or Smithes on June 10.

Pokerista said...

They were awesome. Definitely the high point of last night.

I'll be posting my other highlights later today if I can figure out who everyone is from my drunken Blackberry typing.

Blackjackk said...

Good stuff! They sound like Ted Leo + Pharmacists (his vocal is very similar)

Sara said...

Blackjackk, you absolutely need to go to the shows on Fri and/or Sat and report back. It sounds like they will be awesome.