Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Obama In The Crosshairs

Another example of the left making the race all about race?

Apparently not.
The above provocative cover of the, to this point relatively unknown, weekly "The Roswell Beacon" has furfulled a few feathers.

But since they own/lease a printing press, they must be part of the liberal media conspiracy, no? Well, given their editorial page seems be nothing but Michelle Malkin retreads, I'm guessng not.

As to the cover itself, it is certainly provocative but I find myself having a hard time getting too lathered up about it. Frankly, the blaring head of "White Fright" is much more questionable than the picture of Obama framed by a high-powered scope.

It would be an interesting to hold a discussion about the process of creation here and to their credit some from Kos made that attempt. But with Beacon editor John Fredricks already stating his paper will not be influenced by "liberal blogger thuggery", I guess that's just a bit too much to ask these days.


rptrcub said...

Since the Roswell Beacon doesn't have the balls to keep the story up online, I found it on a... yuck... white supremacist message board. I've copied it in its entirety to my site. Feel free to copy it from there:

Fearless Leader said...

The Beacon never fails to offend in some form or fashion.

Anonymous said...

assclowns with a printing press in their basement.

My mother reads this trash cause it's free and the only "news" in Roswell, since we have no local coverage with a real newspaper.


beachmom said...

The story is up, but with a new title:

Amber Rhea said...

Liberal blogger thuggery? Ha!! I have got to find a way to work that into a header quote.

And dude that cover is ridiculously racist. I'd say it's scary, if I were surprised.