Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pretty Cool

Looks like Amani is becoming an NPR regular.

Take a listen to him, Shawn Williams and Shaun King discuss the NAACP new President, gay marriage and immigration policy in the city of L.A.

Pretty cool.

Of course you have to listen to it online because here in Atlanta, instead of the show News & Notes, we receive audio morphine over the airways.

Pretty uncool.


beachmom said...

I can't figure out why Atlanta doesn't have two NPR stations. Back where I used to live near Norfolk, VA, we had two NPR stations: one was the news and the other was classical music. The news station had an added bonus: in the evening they had a local guy on who played rock/pop/blues music -- basically whatever he wanted to play. It was a nice alternative music evening. Look, I actually like listening to classical music so my problem isn't with them offering it; it's just they should have two stations. Aren't there some sugar Daddys/Mommys who could fund this thing in Atlanta Metro? The commercial radio is so godawful terrible, it would be nice for NPR to offer two noncommerical alternatives.

rptrcub said...

Exactly. For godsakes, South Carolina's NPR network, ETV Radio, has several over-the-air, non online streaming/HD radio networks: NPR News, NPR Classical and NPR Jazz. SOUTH FREAKING CAROLINA. You know, the state that's too small to be a republic, too large to be an insane asylum (I say with love, I have roots and parents there, though I'm a Ga. native). It's one of the few things I miss living in Augusta -- I could always get News and Notes, On Point and Talk of the Nation.

Unknown said...

We do have two NPR stations. WCLK at Clark Atlanta and WABE. What we need is a third one that offers NPR news and talk all day. Well, what we really *need* is to replace WABE with a station that plays NPR news & talk. The new WABE HD/online stuff does have News & Notes every evening at 7PM on the news channel. See the schedule here:

Anonymous said...

I hear that News and Notes airs on WCLK at 6pm. I haven't tried to tune in though.

griftdrift said...

Good to know Amani. I try WCLK sometimes but usually catch jazz. Nothing but love for jazz but..