Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Morning Wooten

A sure cure for the lost mojo is Jim Wooten.
Barack Obama’s now within a hundred delegates of securing the Democratic Party nomination to fulfill the legacy of George McGovern, Michael Dukakis, John Kerry and Al Gore.
Is there any Democrat outside of Joe Lieberman that Jim and his ilk wouldn't compare to George McGovern. Save your brain cycles. The answer is no.
John McCain’s spokesman Tucker Bounds set it up: “This election is fundamentally about who Americans can trust to secure peace and prosperity for the next generation of Americans. Without a doubt, Barack Obama is a talented political orator, but his naive plans for unconditional summits with rogue leaders and support for big tax hikes on hardworking families expose his bad judgment that Americans can ill-afford in our next president.
First of all, I don't remember any mention of meeting foreign leaders of questionable reputation with no conditions. I do remember him being asked if he would meet with certain foreign leaders and responding, yes.

More importantly, given the unbridled success of the foreign policy success of the last eight years, Jim, before you continue caterwauls of appeasement, please explain why we should trust your way as better.
What he neglected to say is that four members of the U.S. Supreme Court are likely to retire over the next eight years. And since Democrats control both the House and the Senate, a left-lock on the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court should be enough to complete the march to the welfare state.
Based on decisions such as the recent Indiana voter id ruling, the court is as balanced as it ever is. So the only common sense conclusion is Jim's real desire is a right wing super-majority creating a star chamber to rubber stamp his myopic vision of "original intent".

As far as the court's affect on the welfare state? For those playing Wooten Non-Sequiter Bingo, O-42!
“White voters played a decisive role in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lopsided victory Tuesday in Kentucky’s Democratic presidential primary. Barack Obama got the victory in more liberal Oregon, where race and the hard-edged rivalry between the two embattled candidates was muted...[followed by three paragraphs about how race played out in various primaries]...The left is determined to make this election a referendum on white racism. But the fact is that a majority of this country has not and will not now elect a president who runs as far to the left as Barack Obama.
I don't really have to say anything do I?
It is essentially over. Obama will be the Democratic nominee. The party has what it has, a candidate who in Kentucky failed to win the votes in a Democratic primary of all age groups and incomes, the college-educated and those who aren’t, and those who described themselves as liberal,moderate and conservative.
Have you ever been to Kentucky? Before you fall prey to the conflation it represents the entire country, I suggest gentle reader you research the demographic breakdown in other primaries - even good ol' Georgia.

In the meantime, prepare yourself to hear the name McGovern a lot over the next six months. Its only just begun.


Sara said...

I read Jim's drivel this morning and immediately began salivating at the thought of your response.

The Supreme Court stuff in particular is completely off base. Yes, 4 members of the court are odds on favorites to die or retire in the next 8 years. 3 of the 4 are liberal (Ginsberg, Stevens, Souter) and the other is the ultimate swing voter, Kennedy. So even if a Democrat wins the presidency and gets to make all 4 picks to the court, replacing 3 libs and a mod with 4 libs would hardly send us scurrying towards a welfare state...particularly when we have the four reliably conservative votes of Scalia, Alito, Thomas and Roberts still to contend with for at least the next 20 years.

On the other hand, letting a president McCain appoint conservative judges to replace the 4 would ensure decades of ultra-conservatism from the court. Breyer would be the sole liberal on the court! It's a much more likely doomsday scenario than whatever nightmares Jim is trying to scare the Republicans into having so they won't be seduced by Obamamania.

decaturguy said...

How many voters even know who George McGovern is?