Monday, September 08, 2008

My Morning Wooten

There you go again.
Obama continues to be bedeviled by questions about his religion, something I picked up repeatedly from people who aren’t political junkies. It’s not surprising that Obama lashed out on that issue Sunday. He can’t shake the believe that he is a Muslim, the religion of his father and religion of at least part of his childhood...Obama badly needs to do something to shake that perception. A major speech, addressing it head-on, is warranted.
Does anyone have a count of the number of times Obama has clearly stated he has no relationship with the Muslim faith?

You know why this story doesn't go away? Because certain people use the rapidly thinning veil of "journalism" to keep raising questions already answered. Since the non-political see these members of the journalist class as somehow being "in the know", the mere whisper of rumor grows wings of truth.

A writer tells a good story. A journalist is a writer who tells a good story based on facts. At times, I wonder if Jim remembers the difference.

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