Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weird Florida News

A little jaunt south of the border.
THE VILLAGES — GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's campaign event set for Sunday on Lake Sumter Landing Market Square in The Villages has been canceled by her campaign officials due to weather concerns.
As St. Pete Times writer Adam Smith points out the only weather concerns in central Florida right now is severe thunderstorms - a phenomena so regular in those parts this time of year you can your watch to them.

The Villages is a massive planned community between Ocala and Wildwood. Populated with older workers, retirees and former miliary, it is conservative to the core and a visit from a rising Republican politician is practically a rite of passage.

One could go insane following the more tedious bits of strangeness in the campaign season, but given the calculated gamble of Palin avoiding traditional media rollouts, the motes of weird suddenly seem more relevant.


rptrcub said...

The Villages is also a community where officials found that old folks were getting STDs thanks to Viagra, Cialis, et. al., and the fact that they were never taught to use rubbers. For the visual picture I just gave you: you're welcome.

Sara said...

If she cannot handle the questions and concerns of a bunch of denture wearing, hearing aid assisted, social security dependent golf cart drivers...

you know the rest.

griftdrift said...

Possibly with the clap.

Sara said...

I think about my grandparents (who lived in nearby Leesburg, FL) getting the clap and it makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Writing for the St. Pete Times? Adam Smith sure has fallen on hard times.

Serves him right for smacking us around with his invisible hand lately.